Our Team

At Alamotero Land Surveys we have a crew of professionals with a collaborative mix of local and regional knowledge. Our highly accredited staff strives to combine innovation with integrity. It is important that we keep our technology and customer service a step above the rest. 

Baxter Pattillo

Baxter is a graduate of Alamogordo High School and went on to Texas Tech University to obtain his bachelors. Upon returning to his hometown, Baxter took up part of the family business in real estate acquisition and operations management. With a keen eye for efficiencies and helping business expand through diversification he brings an innovation to the table that unites audacity with precision. When not at work, Baxter enjoys everything outdoors from hunting and camping to dirt bikes and snowmobiling.

Larry Sterling

Larry grew up in the farmlands of Oklahoma, where he learned the ins and outs of cars from his father. After being drafted to the Army, he shortly fell in love with surveying after his time in the service was over. Shortly thereafter, he graduated from the Albuquerque’s Technical Vocational Institute and has continued his career of professional surveying through to present day. Larry has the experience of use that ranges from solar transits to UAV photogrammetry. He is the primary surveyor of record for the office and continues the cherished tradition of accurate, timely surveys from Alamotero’s office. His love of New Mexico has brought him to survey in several counties and has experience throughout the state.

Spencer Sterling

Alamotero had the good fortune of Larry’s son, Spencer Sterling, joining the team with his array of skill sets. Having surveyed with his father since he was young, Spencer can take a survey job from start to finish with the experience of a seasoned PS. Spencer will be tasked with the management of the field crew along with revision of final product in the draft room. He has equipped himself with a UAV FAA Part 107 license. Spencer’s interests are numerous, including cars, computers, geodetics, and cinema. He is currently enrolled in NMSU’s geomatics engineering program with the intention of becoming a professional surveyor.

Oscar Cole

Oscar comes from a background in construction as well as IT. Working in construction staking in Nevada for large subdivisions, he learned quite a bit in the industry. Since his beginning at Alamotero he has implemented forms of methodologies to help job tracking, leaned processes with his knowledge in process analysis, and has written programs to help with operations at Alamotero. When Oscar is not at work he pursues his love for programming.

Jake White


Born and raised in New Mexico, Jake brings a unique knowledge of the land and the history of the area. Jake has worked in fields from culinary arts, comedy, plumbing all the way to surveying. He has traveled all over the globe but always ends up back in the beauty New Mexico. He spent ten years honing his skills in land survey practices and has a genuine passion for the craft. With his life’s focus being on efficiency he brings a broad skill set and an optimistic attitude to the team.